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Body Massage/ 经络养身    (60mins)

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Massage, Facial and body sculpting

Jingluo health preserving instrument is based on the principles of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and Western medicine's lymphatic circulation, and physiology. It creatively combines the ancient traditional Chinese medicine with the modern western medicine's reflexology and bioelectricity technology. It promotes blood circulation through muscles and nerves, calms nerves, adjusts the balance of positive and negative ions in the blood and improves the shoulder and neck pain. Neuralgia and other symptoms drain the blockage of meridians and collaterals, promote the lymph circulation and toxin elimination and achieve the effect of deep massage, regulate sub-health and increase immunity.


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Core Technology

This non-invasive treatment eliminates fats by using high-frequency sound waves to stimulate adipocyte tissues (also known as fatty tissues) to melt off under the intensive heat, thus dissolving fat rapidly and efficiently. Unwanted fatty elements will then be excreted from the body through our natural body metabolism.

Self Regeneration: As the temperature of the subcutaneous rises, collagen can rapidly proliferate. The proliferative collagen can quickly supplement the missing collagen, so as to achieve the effect of tight sculpting.

Internal heat acupuncture and moxibustion: Using bioelectrical body control therapy, pushes electronic current through the barrier layer of the skin, forming a warm acupuncture channel, osmotic energy is continuously transferred and activates the normal circulation. This activates the metabolism function of the skin barrier tissue, stimulate the activity of enzymes while aiming at 365 active acupoints.


This has the effect of promoting great circulation of Qi and blood through the body system, similar to acupuncture and moxibustion.


  • Reduce stiff shoulder and neck pain.

  • Loosen stiff swollen muscles at the nap of the neck.

  • Dredge the meridians and regulate Qi and blood.

  • Reduces headaches, dizziness and insomnia.

  • Cleanse of the internal organs and increase blood circulation.

  • Strengthens body immune system and increases lymphatic detoxification system.

  • Reduces backache.

  • Corrects back muscles imbalances.

  • Improve sleep quality, thus easing shoulder & back aches.

  • Treat sciatica nerve pain.

Hip physiotherapy

  • Shaping & Body contouring, giving you a curvier waistline and tighter hips, resulting in an hourglass figure (also known as “S' curve).

  • Prevents saggy and drooping hips.

  • Effectively prevents sciatica, uterine cold, infertility, etc.

  • Prevents rectal prolapse and improves ovarian health.

  • Improves dysmenorrhea and regulates gynaecological inflammations; strengthens ovarian health system and female reproductive system; balances female hormones.

  • Prevents constipation and haemorrhoids; Increases body detoxification rate.

  • Rectifies stress urinary incontinence (SUI) and unintentional loss of urine (leakage).

  • Regulates and balances hormones (Adolescence hormone and oestrogen).

Chest physiotherapy

  • Rectifies chronic pharyngitis and sore throat issues.

  • Reduces chest tightness, chest pain and chest distension.

  • Treatment of mammary gland hyperplasia by loosening breast lumps.

  • Breast augmentation and breast shaping.

  • Regulates the circulatory estrogen level to protects against breast cancer.

Abdominal physiotherapy

  • Rectifies dysmenorrhea (pain associated with menstruation); reduces coldness in the limbs; increases libido and the rate of  fertility.

  • Reduces occurances of acid reflux, flatulence, gastritis and stomachaches.

  • Regulates the frequency of urination and prevents inflammation of female reproductive system and enteritis.

  • Balances hormone levels and delay menopause.

  • Increases metabolism rate to burn fat more efficiently so as to achieve a desired body shape.


  • 无创溶脂:利用高频声波使脂肪细胞组织在快速活跃的状态下产生细胞体的热能摩擦热溶解脂肪,再通过代谢将脂肪排出体外。

  • 自体再建:皮下温度上升,胶原蛋白在此温度下得以快速增生。增生的胶原蛋白能快速的补充到因胶原蛋白缺失处,以达到紧致塑形体雕效果。

  • 内热针灸:运用生物电流体控疗法,迅速打开皮肤的电子阻碍层,并形成热针通道,持续传递渗透能量,活跃障碍组织的正常循环代谢功能,激活酶的活性疏通经络,针对全身365 个穴道、活穴、畅通气血,媲美针灸,贯通中西医学、循环经络、疏通气血,远离亚健康。



  • 改善肩颈酸疼,僵硬,神经痛

  • 改善富贵包并软化

  • 疏通经络,调理气血

  • 改善头痛,头晕,失眠多梦等症状

  • 净化内脏,加强血液循环

  • 提高人体免疫力,加强淋巴排毒

  • 改善腰酸背痛

  • 平复高低背

  • 快速舒缓落枕,五十肩及闪腰

  • 改善坐骨神经痛


  • 调塑女性s 曲线,塑臀,美臀,提臀

  • 防止臀部外扩和下垂

  • 有效调节坐骨神经痛,宫寒,不孕等

  • 提肛缩阴,改善性冷淡

  • 改善痛经,调理妇科炎症

  • 改善便秘和痔疮,加强排毒

  • 改善尿频,漏尿

  • 调节荷尔蒙(青春素、动情激素)


  • 改善慢性咽炎、喉咙痛

  • 改善胸闷、胸痛、胸胀

  • 疏通结节改善乳房硬块和增生

  • 丰胸塑形改善副乳

  • 调节性激素分泌降低乳腺癌的发病率


  • 加速脂肪代谢雕塑完美体型

  • 改善激素分泌延缓更年期

  • 改善尿频尿急、妇科炎症和肠炎

  • 改善胃酸逆流、胃胀、胃炎、胃痛

  • 改善宫寒痛经、不孕不育、四肢冰冷和性冷淡

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