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Permanent Hair Removal/ 永久脱毛     (15 mins)

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Is freezing point hair removal safe?

Freezing point hair removal method is very safe, highly effective and painless. Weak pulsed light hair removal wavelength range wider without damage to surface skin to provide safer and ideal hair removal experience for everyone.




(*For small area 小面积 )  Now  28 SGD

Will you see result after your first treatment?

In cases of three hair follicles to a pore, normally one follicle will be removed during the first treatment. Overall, 10% of your hair follicles will cease regeneration. 

Hair growth goes through different stages: Growth Stage, Regression Stage and Resting Stage.


The effectiveness of hair removal via laser varies at different stages. During the growth stage, the effectiveness stands at 75%, while performing the procedure during its regression stage produces only 25% effective results. Laser hair removal treatment is not recommended to be carried out during the Resting Stage as effectiveness is close to 0%.

There are rich melanin in hair follicle and hair stem. Melanin is distributed between hair bulb stromal cells. Depilation is the selective action of melanin on hair follicle by using 808nm specific light wave, which increases the temperature of hair follicle tremendously, thus destroys the hair follicle and its surrounding tissues. As the laser pulse is in contact with the hair follicle and stem, melanin selectively destroys the hair cells due to the photo-thermal effect and fundamentally stops the growth of hair permanently. No damage will be done to the surrounding normal healthy tissues. The treatment leaves the skin white, smooth and flawless and five times more efficient than IPL.





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