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  • Deep Bubble Cleansing is a deep skin purifying and rejuvenating treatment that thoroughly removes all kinds of impurities such as Demodex mites and sebum clogged pores. This advanced technology stimulates cell turnover, boosting the skin’s intrinsic metabolic rate.
  • 深层清洁- 轻松带走污垢: 采用先进仪器,在安全无痛的状态下,能深层清洁,去除老化角质,皮脂。彻底清除各种杂质,螨虫,及油脂残留物,同时补充营养物质,令皮肤湿润细腻有光泽。
  • 60 mins

Deep Bubble Cleansing Facial

$168.00 Regular Price
$88.00Sale Price
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