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  • Massage, Facial and body sculpting

Jingluo health preserving instrument is based on the principles of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and Western medicine's lymphatic circulation, and physiology. It creatively combines the ancient traditional Chinese medicine with the modern western medicine's reflexology and bioelectricity technology. It promotes blood circulation through muscles and nerves, calms nerves, adjusts the balance of positive and negative ions in the blood and improves the shoulder and neck pain. Neuralgia and other symptoms drain the blockage of meridians and collaterals, promote the lymph circulation and toxin elimination and achieve the effect of deep massage, regulate sub-health and increase immunity.

  • 经络养生仪是以中医经络学、西医淋巴循环学为原理,生理学为基础,把古老的中医学同现代西医反射学、生物电学技术创造性地结合在一起,将专用波频仪输出的电波能透过肌肉和神经促进血液循环,镇定神经,调整血液中的正负离子平衡,进而改善肩颈酸痛,神经痛等症状,疏通经络堵塞、促进淋巴循环和毒素的排解,进而达到深层按摩的功效,调理亚健康,增加免疫力。


  • 60 mins

Meridian Body Massage 经络养身

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